The Biotherapies and Biomanufacturing of Innovative Therapies (BBTI) Priority Research Programme and Equipment (PEPR) is part of the national acceleration strategy, which aims to place France at the forefront in the fields of biotherapy and the biomanufacturing of innovative therapies.
This strategy is an integral part of the France 2030 investment plan launched by the French Government in 2021.
Led by Inserm and CEA, the research program is funded up to €80 million over 7 years. This PEPR is dedicated to

  • Maintain the excellence of French research in biotherapy and accelerate the innovation process to promote the transition of therapies from laboratory to patients ;
  • Simplify and accelerate market access for new biomedical products ;
  • Develop the French industrial fabric ;
  • Strengthen the healthcare sector and mobilize its stakeholders to facilitate access to advanced therapy drugs for patients.